“…..architecting your business for real-time  adaptability — is a key accelerator of digital transformation and part of the culture of highly resilient organizations….”

– Tech Guru Gartner’s report on Hybrid Work

Now that work has become something you do instead of someplace you are all signs point to a Hybrid Work model becoming a permanent fixture in many workplaces.

How will you address the new technology needs of this changing work environment?

Implementing a Long Term Hybrid Plan

Post-Covid has shown that employee’s productivity increases when working remotely. Introducing Prodoscore – a cloud based remote worker app shared by management and workers – helps cement and reward those productivity gains.

Collaboration tools that saved businesses in the last year have evolved greatly. Zoom has moved past being a verb for online meetings and is now a major VoIP/UCaaS/Contact Center option. Microsoft Teams saw a 50% increase to 150M+ users from Nov 2019 to March 2021.

Both are actively looking to replace your existing PBX or Cloud PBX with their voice add-on. That can save the average business over 50% on their phone/VoIP costs. We can detail the differences between 40+ voice service providers ranging from unique Platforms (i.e. Ring Central, 8X8, etc.) to Managed Service Providers and help you decide which one meets your needs and budget.

In choosing equipment for the meeting room, coworking spaces, and the home office – you need communications and collaboration solutions that are the right fit to help you tackle the diverse requirements of however you hybrid work. Our partners include Zoom Rooms, GoToMeeting, Lifesize, and more. Our process will deliver the right solution for each space.

Re-evaluating legacy circuits and other technology contracted when there was a different normal is part of our collaboration to reduce costs and improve performance. Gartner observes that leaders who only entertain contract bids from incumbent providers and their direct competitors are missing out on an additional 30% to 60% in savings. Our partners include ATT, Verizon, and other Local Carriers as well as Cable Internet providers, CLECs, and Resellers.

Optimizing the Home Office

Home Offices connect via Cable Internet/Broadband and that connection in the last year+ has resulted in hearing “sorry” on video calls. As in “Sorry your picture froze…..my internet is slow today…..we lost you again…..we are hearing every other word….I have to shut my video off so I can hear you”…..and other conversation stoppers.

While Cable/Broadband is cost-effective it often fails to deliver the application experiences that employees expect, creating outages, lost sales and lost revenue.

Implementing SD WAN for a home office is an optimizer that addresses performance killers such as jitter, packet loss and latency. It acts as a traffic cop on any connection; prioritizing business critical applications over other users in the home draining resources by using 4K TVs, gaming, and streaming video or music. During the pandemic, we have seen many SD WAN providers step up with pricing and devices geared for the home office. We can provide demos and even “proof of concepts” as needed.

Home Office Security

In the first half of 2020 with COVID-19 restrictions in place, U.S.-based organizations alone saw a 109% rise in ransomware attacks, while general malware detections dropped 24% across the globe.

Increasingly businesses are moving away from traditional IT security models to Zero Trust Network, SASE, and other Secure Access architectures.

Why? Because traditional perimeter base IT security postures can have inconsistent coverage across access types and a fragmented and frustrating user experience.

We will work with your IT decision-makers to review companies that enable anywhere, anytime safe & secure access for a remote & mobile workforce.

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